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Spring Break: Then and Now; Better or Worse?

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Growing up, I can’t remember many fancy Spring Break vacations. Since my parents were divorced,  memory tells me that I spent at least part of one of the long weekends with my Dad and step-mom, which meant I would have to leave my precious friends and travel to Indiana. This wasn’t always so bad. My dad had an in-ground pool, which I thought was really cool, but it was usually too cold for tanning in Indiana around Easter, so getting a tan was OUT. My step-mom loved all things nature-y, so I think we spent a lot of time at state parks eating cold fried chicken and hiking what I’m sure I thought were “totally boring” trails. For fun, we would go shopping at Greenwood Mall, walk the dogs, maybe watch some T.V., and I am guessing I did a fair amount of reading—mostly books for school—because basically there was nothing else to do.

Books I can remember reading on trips to my Dad’s include:

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Rosamond du Jardin’s books about fabulously popular twin sisters

Amanda/Miranda by Richard Peck

And failed attempts at The Thornbirds

I also know that I wrote a little, because I still have some old diary entries from back then.  

On the trip to Indiana, we all rode together in the car. Cars only had radios back then, no Sirius, no cd players. Only fancy cars had tape players. We all had to agree on one radio station as it wasn’t until the late 80s that anyone owned a “Walk Man”, so that usually meant a generic pop station, which was fine by me, but had I been cooler, it would have been absolute torture. I mean, I was down with Hall and Oates, but anyone with any real teen-aged music chops would have held out for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or at least some Blondie (that would have been WKQQ in Lexington).


And of course no one had cell phones, so talking on the phone in your car was OUT.  And get this! Once you got somewhere where you could talk on the phone, most phones were attached to the wall, so you couldn’t scamper away from adults for private conversations. I think most of my middle school telephone conversations were held in our kitchen pantry!

There were also no home computers back then, so again, there was so tweeting, no facebooking, no im-ing, no skyping.  Just boring old people. Family people.  Neighbors. And pets.

Sometimes we would go to the mall. And sometimes we would go to the movies. Movies were watched in theaters, not on TVs or blue-ray discs.  Movies I can recall seeing on these weekends with my dad include:
Star Wars (My dad had already seen it once, but said we would be amazed by the special effects!)

Ice Castles (I was in love with Robbie Benson)


Little Darlings (Tatum O’Neal was everything I wasn’t).

Grease (Oh to be, Sandra Dee!)

Back in the really olden days when my parents were still married, we even went to watch movies at a drive-in theater! These were so cool!  Parents were more laid back, or maybe just really young back then, and they let us watch movies on top of the car, in our pajamas! It was awesome. I loved it. You couldn’t really hear the movie that great, but it was fun because, well, you were on top of a car, at night, eating pop-corn. It felt really free.

I remember seeing Bed Knobs and Broomsticks like this. I was an anglophile as a child and worshipped Mary Poppins.

I guess, if I was a teen-ager now, I would be constantly on the phone, tweeting, or facebooking, or taking photos of my fake, staged glamorous life. This is me not swimming in my Dad’s pool! This is me so bored at Turkey Run State Park. Hiking is cool! NOT! This is me dreading going to see Star Wars with my dad and little brother. Barf!

(But of course, no one says barf anymore, so I would have said something like…So not epic!)

So were things better back then? I’m sure you are expecting me to say yes. Back in the good old days, I spent more quality time with my family because I had no choice, by golly! However, I’m not here to be that typical or clichéd. I’m here on this page because I am wondering what would have been better and what would have been worse?

Maybe I would have been less home-sick for my friends and mom if I could have talked to them more?

Maybe I would have actually been able to invite friends to come with me because our parents could facebook each other and be cool with something like that?

Maybe I would have read just as much, but it would have been different types of reading like reading blogs or a friends’ poetic tweets?

Maybe I would have had more to talk about with my dad and step-mom because they read my blog or were on my facebook page? Maybe they would have known more about me and my life?

What do you think? Has technology changed us for the better, for the worse, or is it just different?

How did you stay in touch with your friends and/or family over spring break? And, most importantly, have you ever been to a drive-in? They are amazing. Get thee to one!

Happy Spring Break and see you soon,

Mrs. Lewis


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