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Being (like the flower)…

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"Be like the flower; turn your face towards the sun."

Hello, students & friends!

In the spirit of staying positive (or being like the flower), I thought I would try to get on the computer (every now and then) and blog about some of the great things I have witnessed, observed, or noted in Room 401. This is random and in no particular order:

So, here it goes!

I love it that:
the Tenth Grade (and Fran, Jameson, and Reese) seems to get and appreciate Flannery O’Connor.

the Sixth Grade LOVES the NING! I can see them turning into bloggers right before my very eyes.

the new Publications Staff is large and enthusiastic! I know we are going to get some great reporting done this year.

I also love it that the reporter’s notebooks came in today.

the US Drama Club was so cool about doing something different this  year

the MS Drama Club is pumped and ready to take home the SCISA trophy!

the 8th Honors Club is going to be fun and small enough that we can sneak away to Latte Litchfield.

the 9th Grade has been so amazing! They have written well and not complained about their workload. Good job, Grade 9! I also loved their vocabulary skits this week.

I have not had to give any points for dress code violations.

we have so many interesting new students

we have a new 7th and 8th grade English teacher and she is fresh and fantastic!

everyone seems to be getting to class on time.

we are off to a great start!

Okay, so that’s the report for this week.

Hope you have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

See you on Tuesday,

Mrs. Lewis