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Be Like the Flower

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Every summer before school starts, I try and reflect on what I actually did (or often, didn’t do) with my summer vacation. Suffice it to say, this was not the summer that I: lost twenty pounds, started lifting weights, or finally finished reading Middlemarch all the way through.



This was the summer that I:

  •  inherited an adorable eight-year old Jack Russell terrier,
  • wrote three blog entries (four if you count this one),
  • ate too many Krunch Klondike bars,
  • finally started buying my meat from Ovis Hill Farms instead of the market,
  • dressed my nieces and neighbors up like fairies and paraded through the hood “zapping” garden gnomes and sending passerbys magic

    Fairy Power!

  •  read a very sad but wonderful book entitled The Art of Racing in the Rain,
  • organized and attended a reunion with my Alpha Chi sorority sisters at Indiana University,
  • visited my family in Indiana
  • went to Washington DC for the American Forestry Foundation to advocate for environmental education,
  • started a club (The Hobby Girls),

The Hobby Girls at Travinia at Market Commons. Recognize a few friendly faces?

  • spent four days with my husband just being at home and working on things together,
  • met family in Isle of Palms and had visiting family (including one favorite aunt, uncle and their two daughters)
  • caught up with my 89 years young BFF, Dorothy
  • spent three days with another BFF, Alex,
  • cooked the best thing ever: squash casserole,
  • did all my doctoring and dentist-ing stuff (a crown, two fillings, and other unmentionables),
  • watched way too much TV
  • watched one of my new favorite movies–Midnight in Paris,

Dorothy and me at The Bridge Tender Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

So, while there were MANY predictable goals left unmet, there were many wonderful visits, ideas, and connections achieved.

What did you do or not do this summer? What amazing people did you connect or re-connect with or meet?
I really do want to know.

One of my goals this school year is to try to look for the positive in situations, hence my bulletin board quote: “Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.” So here’s to you and the flowers. Here’s to looking for the sun.

Can’t wait to read your work!

My nieces Hayden and Riley salute you!

Teacher Love,

Mrs. Lewis