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A Letter to My Students

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Dear Students,

Well, here it is. The end of the semester. I can hardly believe it! Since I can’t take us all to New York City for the most amazing field trip ever, I thought my holiday “card” to you all, would be to tell you what I appreciate about you– yes, all of you– who think that  I was put on this earth to give you homework and mark up your essays with red ink.

Let’s start with the general gratitude I have for the magnaminous generosity of teenagers and pre-teens. I must make a bazillion errors a day, a hundred bazillion each week, and don’t even get me started on the errors I make with Teacherweb. I can barely keep up with all of the information in my head and so I appreciate your young nimble brains that can quickly recall everything I ever said about this or that, how I said it, why I said it, who was talking while I said it…you get the point! So thank you for letting me be mostly human.

Now, I will go grade by grade and write a little “love letter” as I call them, or give a “shout out” to your class and tell you why I am glad I am your teacher.

Sixth Grade: Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the different learning approach in my classroom and for your honesty about assignments that were too easy, too hard, or just plain silly. You have been open to trying so many new things like, writing a soldier, writing and performing vocab skits (and yes, Sophia, I WILL get your skit on the ning!), writing and performing a rap on low-flow toilets, doing our exercise warm-ups on those blah mornings, and sharing all of your timed writings. You have been sweet to share with me your ideas and appreciation and so I share it right back. Thank you for being such an adorable group of  young learners. You have big hearts.

You have done a lot of letter writing! Thank you!

8th Grade:  Thank you for asking questions, and questions, and questions. I know I might get frustrated with them all sometimes, but that’s just because you are keeping me on my toes. Like you all, I am forgetful, so it’s good that you ask questions, just to make sure we are all on the same page. Thank you for your wonderful work with roundtable discussion and for your exciting plot lines from NaNoWriMo!  I see your writing potential and love working with all of your raw creative energy swirling about the classroom.

Are these Rett's or Marg's shoes?

I also like the colorful shoes you wear. I know that sounds weird, but I’ve never had such a colorful group of dressers. I love that. I suppose that is an indicator of your colorful personalities, which I also appreciate!

9th Grade:

Here you are on the first day of high school!

Okay. You know I love you because you are such individuals. Vern is the leader at the helm, Chloe the artist/poet, Kala the blossoming individual, J-man the prankster and sweetheart, Stellings the wit and the verve, Chris the wit with the nerve!, Chandler the merry mischief maker with a hidden penchant for Shakespeare (methinks!), and Carmen, the Amanda Siegfried look alike who is all eyes and always listening. You have been such a teachable group of young people and I know we will have fun with homecoming in the new year.

10th Grade: To my academic overachievers, thank you for pushing me to challenge you. Because of you, I have tried in earnest to look for books that are engaging, intellectual, and relevant. Because of you, I have been able to see the merging of a generation of relatively happy people who, unlike the youth of my generation, are not angry with the world, their parents, or the status quo.

Taken from "Another Librarian's Blog"...but so appropriate for all of you!

While it mystifies me sometimes that you all are somewhat content, I also realize that you will need that contentment to deal with the challenges of the future. I appreciate your positive outlook on the world in general even though it seems to me you have been given an awful lot to deal with and resolve.

So, good luck with your exams and may your hearts be light this holiday season and into the New Year!

With gratitude,

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Holiday now!

Mrs. Lewis

P.S.: A special thanks to Georgia for her work as editor of The Wave, and to both of the drama clubs for their fearlessness!