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Halloweens Past

In 1 on October 31, 2009 at 3:50 pm
aka Riley & Hayden

Riley, age 3 as Cinderella and Hayden, age 1 as Minnie Mouse.

First Halloween: Bunny. Pink footie pajamas. Black drawn-on nose. Black drawn-on whiskers. Apparently,  I was afraid of everything.

Ages 2-4: Princess Years.  Was obsessed especially with Cinderella. The Disney movie came out or was re-released or something when I was about four. LOVED IT!

Age 5: Sunflower. I had a hat that was like petals around my face and a bag-like costume that had the stem and then garden grass around the bottom.

Ages 6-7: Princess again. 

Age 8: I was a gypsy. My Grammy helped me make the costume by draping me in scarves. We then took a ball (like you buy out of those big bins in the grocery store) and covered it with foil. Hence, my crystal ball. She lived out in the country, so we didn’t really go trick or treating and she really didn’t have trick or treaters, but it was fun to dress up anyhow.

Age 9: Professional Baseball Player. This was the year my parents started to split up. I was sad. I guess I thought being a baseball player would make me tough? Or maybe it was the only costume around? I don’t know. It seems like an off-the-wall pick for a priss like me.

10: Christmas Present. My mom’s idea. She took a large box and wrapped it like a present. She tied a giant bow around my head. She put me in tights. She gave me small white gloves. I thought I was something else!

11: Hobo…Took Crisco (lard) and rubbed it on my face. I took coffee grounds and stuck them in the Crisco…Hence a hobo beard. Weird! I had a friend in my neighborhood who was a little person and she taught me this trick. She dressed up like a hobo, too.

Ages 18-21: Madonna. Madonna. Madonna.

38: Valley Girl

41: Michael Jordan 

43: Zombie

Halloween Costume Goals:


Age 50: The Senior Madonna! With sinewy forearms and restalyne cheeks.

Unrealized Goals:

My mom always wanted me to be a bunch of purple grapes. But how would I sit down?

Other costumes I have worn:

USO tap dancer

I Dream of Jeanie

Fractured Fairy Tale Princess


Fifties Girl